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Our photo wall murals are made of self-adhesive LG vinyl paper. With its high quality and resistance, it allows a duration in perfect condition for life.

With anti-bubbles system. Adhesive allows output of the air more easily during its installation, in addition to being easily removable as often as you want without damage or leaving traces of glue on the wall. Auto-install by the client with a simple napkin or cloth..

You can select between finish in mat or "Semi-Mate"y, color printing, black and white or Sepia.

Printing is performed in high definition (HD)  with a resolution of 300 DPI which guarantees an excellent photography quality, with every little detail.

Printing, according to the size that you want, will be in several pieces always with free edge printing (blood printing), so the union between both parts is perfect and it is not visible.

We remind you that we adapt ourselves to the measure that you need. If you want a custom measure, select the option from the drop-down menu and enter the width and height (in centimeters).

Our prices are final, with free shipping (for orders over € 50) and taxes included. No final surprises.

Of course, for any query please visit the help section and contact us. We will be happy to assist you and answer your questions.